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O My Walter Book

A timeless classic for children of all ages written by Blaine D. Pollock.

O My Walter book one tells the story of how the world began through the eyes of a dog. O My Walter is a dog tale for all animal lovers opening your minds and hearts to see and feel life as a small white dog.

O my Walter is a series of books destined to lighten your hearts with humor and joy as you walk beside Walter and a host of animal characters created by author Blaine Pollock.

Walter is in fact a real life dog who doesn’t distinguish himself from humanity. Walter is a seasoned world traveler and has lived in several countries. Walter has traveled by plane, train, cars, buses, bicycles, motorcycles RVs and boats.

Walter has Swam the waters of both the Pacific and the Atlantic. He has eaten at some of the world’s best restaurants and been kicked out of some of the worst. He has visited some of the most famous museums including having stays at 5 star hotels while being denied access to trailer parks.

Prepare yourself for Walters world which includes humor, tragedy and romance. Walk with WALTER As He Tours The World, Escapes Kidnappers AND Being Taken into Custody, falls in love with a true Princess…. Dreams can come true and the world can be a better place. O.My Walter!