Being a Dog – Part II

Being a Dog – Part II

Being a dog that is connected to every living creature in the world isn’t always an easy thing.

Even my owner, Blaine Pollock, can’t always fully understand the sense of responsibility that I feel to share with other creatures our sacred mission of protecting this planet.

Sometimes it makes me sad. If we could only make humans like you understand, yes you there, reading this blog, what it would mean for us all if we were better stewards of this planet and of each other.

I have a friend who is a dragon that long forgotten species of flying lizard that so many humans have convinced themselves never existed. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my travels with Blaine Pollock, however, it’s that the world isn’t always, as it seems.

Dragons are as real as sharks or other fabled monsters, but their fearsome reputations are a bit exaggerated. At least, that’s been my experience. Dragons breathe fire, sure, but they would never attack any creature without provocation.

I was talking with my dragon friend as I rode upon his back over the Pacific, between California and Hawaii. We both admired the glittering blue quality of the ocean, and he remarked that he could not understand why humans were so determined to destroy such a beautiful and invaluable resource, and thereby, every creature in it.
“People are good at heart,” I argued. “They want to do good. They are just a little lost. That’s why Blaine Pollock and I wrote this book. We are trying to get the word out that we are all connected–humans, animals and our beautiful earth.”

“We are running out of time,” my dragon friend commented. “What if they won’t listen to your message of hope?”
“They will. They have to,” I told him.

My name is Walter. I am a simple dog who has been fortunate enough to travel the world and be loved by wonderful owner, Blaine Pollock. But I have a message to share–we are all one. Anyone can make a difference. No matter what you’re struggling with, don’t give up. We can all make the world a better place if we can learn to lean upon each other.

— Gina Kowalewska

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