About Walter

 O My Walter At the airport by Blaine Pollock 3

Walter the dog has traveled the world with his owner–author, philanthropist and animal lover Blaine Pollock–and through his travels; Walter has learned a few things about the magic of God’s creations.

After many adventures, Walter told his human, Blaine Pollock that he’d be interested in writing a book that would appeal to the heart’s every living being in existence, each of whom can be taught valuable lessons about the importance of kindness to all God’s creatures.

“I wanted everyone to know that we all are creatures of God and we matter,” Walter said through his human, Blaine Pollock. “We wanted to do something that would matter. I think we did,” he finished with a bark and wag of his tail.

This instant children’s classic, “O My Walter,” takes the reader on a journey from the Garden of Eden where the little white dog finds himself surrounded by a host of characters, including a large yellow cat he deems a lion and a vaporous puff that metamorphosis’s into a dragon.

According to Walter, Blaine Pollock takes him everywhere, even on long business trips where other dogs might be left behind.

“I told him we should write it after our last trip to Europe,” Walter said. “He likes to say the book was his idea, but it was mine. Okay. Maybe it was ours. But it’s about me so that’s the important thing.”

Walter enjoys traveling and said that this first book is only one of many to come.

“The fun isn’t over,” Walter said, through Blaine Pollock. “I hope all the children in the world will come on my adventures with me through our books.”

All proceeds from the sale of ‘O My Walter’ will be donated to Childrens’ Hospitals throughout the nation.  
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