Blaine Pollock Author - O My Walter

Author, philanthropist and animal lover Blaine Pollock recently wrote a book about his best friend–his dog, Walter.

This instant classic, “O My Walter,” takes the reader on a journey from the Garden of Eden where the little white dog finds himself surrounded by a host of characters, including a large yellow cat he deems a lion and a vaporous puff that metamorphoses into a dragon.

Blaine Pollock got the idea to write a story from Walter’s vantage point after their globetrotting led him to think about what the dog is actually taking in on their travels.

“I wanted to share our adventures with the world,” Blaine Pollock said. “What better way to do that than with a fun, whimsical tale that everyone can enjoy without pause or reservation because it is told through the eyes of one of God’s most innocent creatures.”

A deeply spiritual man with a vivid imagination, Pollock imagined a world where the reader witnesses the birth of creation through different eyes.

“Think of it,” Blaine Pollock said. “Imagine that you’re able to witness this magnificence, not as a human being, but through the eyes of a dog. The mysteries of the Universe and all creation are still moments for Walter, the small white dog, who is tasked with naming every animal in creation as they appear upon the Earth.”

In this allegory of how man became dog’s best friend, author Blaine Pollock pulls from theology, mythology and creates sheer poetic prose to tell the story of this small adventurous canine.

Blaine Pollock, a well-known animal lover takes Walter with him everywhere he goes, even on business trips around the world.

“I love him,” Blaine Pollock said. “He is a member of my family.”

Blaine Pollock said he believes people who have a similar love of animals will truly appreciate the book’s message and lighthearted whimsy.
“When all is said and done, I decided to write the book because I wanted to pass a legacy on to my grandchildren and the generations to follow,” Blaine Pollock said. “That is that animals are special gifts from God, and we should treat them as such.”

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